Study Time Music

Relation between Music and Brain

Music has a profound effect on the brain., by stimulating the areas associated with Language, Memory, Emotion, and Motor Control and helps improve attention, reduce stress and anxiety., and ultimately enhance creativity.  Listening to music, found to increase the release of neuro-transmitters such as dopamine – help improving focus and concentration.  

Why Background Music during Study

Power of Music is UNDENIABLE – It has the ability to bring people together, create shared experience, help people to express themselves and their emotions, motivate, relax and de-stress people. Music is also a powerful tool to help people work through difficult times by promote positive change. 

Music can be a powerful tool for aiding study, the rhythm of music can help to organize and synchronize brain waves, thereby aiding in concentration and focus. Listening to music while studying is found to reduce anxiety and stress, help to create a more calming and productivity atmosphere, block our distractions, which ultimately improve focus, productivity, energize the mind and body. Rhythm of certain songs can help to increase the speed of studying, allowing students to get through their work faster.   

What Background Music during Study


Choice of the background music is up to your personal preferences as to what music works best for studying. Classical music, jazz, ambient or instrumental music are all good choices you can make for your background music while studying. Here are the some tips for choosing right most helpful music for work and study: 

Photosynthesis requires PHOTONS to
elevate for higher energy state...

Similarly our Brain requires musical WAVES to
attain higher energy state for mental well being

Go On and Find Your
Brain Music

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