Scientist DugOut Gregor Mendel’s Body from Grave

I don’t need to you about the
Gregor Johann Mendel – Father of genetics. Here I am focusing on
WHY Scientist has Dug Out Mendel’s Body from the grave ? 

Before we begin., Let watch a short 3 minutes animated movie on Life of Gregor John Mendel created by Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology on the occasion of 200 Year of Mendel Birth Anniversary

Life Journey of Gregor Johann Mendel

Video from the Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology

Exhumation of G.J. Mendel

Team of Scientist, Masaryk University from Czech Republic, on the occasion of 200 Years of Mendel Birth Anniversary, decided to digging up the body from his grave in Augustinian Tom, City’s Central Cemetery to…

Sequencing of G.J. Mendel DNA


Outcomes from Mendel's DNA Sequencing

Sequencing of Mendel’s DNA revealed genetic variants linked to Diabetes, Heart Problems and Kidney Disease. G.J. Mendel suffered throughout his life from some sort of a psychological or neurological disorder that caused him to have very severe nervous breakdowns, due to the genes that was associated with epilepsy and neurological issues. Mendel had an extraordinarily large brain was 168cm tall.  Studies are in progress… Will Keep you posted. 

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