Writing Research Paper Manuscript

Writing Research Paper Manuscript

Research Paper

Piece of academic writing that provides analysis, interpretation and argument based on in-depth independent research. 

How to START writing research paper

START by first Defining the Aim of your Research work and START with structuring your Research Paper in IMRaD Format (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussions) 

  • Introduction – Should answer WHY you have done this research 

  • Material and Method – Should tell HOW you have done your research work 

  • Results – Should say WHAT is the outcome of your research work 

  • Discussion – Should fill in SO WHAT from your research work 

Tips while writing research paper

Start Writing early

Don’t wait until you have completed the entire piece of research work. Write the method section as you go along with your research, while results section you can prepare a dummy tables beforehand and fill the cells of each tables as the results come in. 

Discuss about your research

Explain your research to your fellow friends verbally before you start writing, this will make your research paper writing very easier, the sequence of ideas will be clearer to you, words will flow faster and finally what you write will be easily understandable. 

Make Research paper Outline first and then Expanding it

In IMRaD structure, add subheadings and make it more detailed. Like for Methods section – subheadings can be Description of Experiment site, Experiment Design, Experimental material, Observation recorded, Sampling methods, and Statistical analysis. Similarly you should give subheading for the other section and expand it in detail.  

Introduction funnel

The introduction is more challenging because it has to answer the question – Why did you choose this research topic. Introduce the research question, Importance of your research, Review briefly earlier efforts done in your research, and conclude with a statement of specific objectives of the study. 

Think sections and paragraphs, not a full paper

For the outlined and subheading in your research paper, set the time in terms of the number of words – like you will not get up unless you have completed 500 words. It is important to keep writing; don’t worry about an exact words or right spelling. Revising and Polishing come later on.


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