Research Paper Writing Skills

Research Paper Writing Skills

Most Good Writing...
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Bad Writing...

Scripting Research or Academic paper is not as easy as it may sound. This can be more difficult especially for early career researcher as well as non-native English speakers. Being an non-native English people we fail to organize words to represent precisely what we wish to state. 

Tips you should follow to START your Research Paper Writing skills

Pre-writing Strategy: To develop good writing, you should be first willing to get the bad writing onto the page, and you should be brave enough to share it among your friends or faculty and ask for constructive feedback. This would ultimately make you a good writer. 

Iterative process: Research paper writing should not be like an assignment, instead be like a learning process. We should move back and forth between drafting a research paper, getting feedback, revising, and also learning from past mistakes and poor writing.  

Writing fitnessDuring research or academic paper writing you will find this process difficult, frustrating, anxiety-provoking and hard to manage. Because your writing muscles are weaker than they should be. Writing is like being fit; if you want to be fit, you have to work out regularly. 

If you want to write well and enjoy the writing process,

Strategies that can help you to improve the writing skills

Keep a reading and research journal: Make it a habit, that for every paper you read, there must and should be a piece of writing. This will help you work out the main point of the reading, the arguments it makes and finally how you can relates to your own research – Reading journal while Research journal should be used to work out lines of arguments, or new ideas or to scribble down insights gleaned. This is a low-key, but yet incredibly powerful, way of writing to and for yourself about your research. 

Freewrite: It is a dedicated and focusing tool just for research journal writing; like mini brainstorming sessions designed to help you get all your ideas out of your head and onto the page, where you can look at them from different angle, and start developing your ideas in a more coherent and connected manner. 

Mind-mapping: Creating a mind-map about your research outline; really help your to work out with your ideas and emerging arguments along with linking between argument. This will ultimate assist you to organise your thoughts into a logical, sensible structure. 

You have to make time for some kind of writing every day...
This doesn't mean you stop doing bad writing, but it is part of creating something good that your are proud of, want to share, and really want other people to read.

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