Is publishing Popular Article really worthy?

In this Post, you will find the answer, Whether publishing Popular Article is worthy or not.

What is Popular Article?

Short articles written by scientific community for publication in magazines and newspapers, written to non-scientific audience about new scientific insights and discoveries. 

Benefits of Publishing popular article?

Benefits you get by publishing Research and Review paper are essentially the same benefit your get in Popular article publication. The major difference being the Research paper are based on your research work; while Popular articles are based on your knowledge and current research findings.  

Publishing popular article have two major benefits:

  • Knowledge: Scripting your popular article for general public understanding level, will undoubtedly improve you knowledge grip on the concept. 
  • Publication: Reseach paper publication carries around 2-2.5marks per paper in your score card, similarly popular article publication will also reward your with  0.5-1.0 marks per popular article. 

Most important beneficial part of popular article publication – Easy to script and craft the popular article, hardly 700-1000 words, easy to publish, and finally uplift your CV with rewarding scores.  

How to Write Popular Article?

You have remember the following points while crafting your popular article:

  • Your popular article are read by general public, not by experts – so craft your article accordingly. 
  • Answer 5W&1H before starting your popular articles
  • Structure – Popular article should have questions that retain your readers from beginning to end, rewarded with clues along the way., with take-home message at the end. 
  • Title – It should be short, attractive, catchy and excite your reader’s curiosity, avoid using technical terms. 
  • Simplify the content –  Scientific concepts are communicated to audience who are not specialist in your topic. Assuming this, give an overview of the topic, provide only most significant information, simplify the content to reader understandable form. Avoid using complex terminology words and use active voice rather than passive once. 

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