Plant Blindness
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Plant Blindness

Phenomenon where we tend to underappreciate the flora around us leading to disastrous consequences not only for the environment, but human health.

Term  was given my US botanists Elisabeth Schussler and James Wandersee in the year 1998 they described it as “the inability to see or notice the plants in one’s own environment

Causes of Plant Blindness

Under-appreciation of plants 

  • Limited interest in Plant Conservation 
  • Plant Biology courses are shutting down at a dizzying rate 
  • Public funding for plant science is drying up. 
  • It change over time, increased urbanisation and time spent with devices – nature deficit disorder
  • Less exposure to plants. 

Effects of Plant Blindness:

  • It effects Plant conservation that matters for both environmental health and human health. 
  • Plants tend to be similar in color and almost unmoving, hence our brain tend to group them together. 
  • People are more supportive of conservation efforts for species with human-like characteristics i.e., animals than plants. 
  • Lack of emotional connections with plants, which is crucial for their conservation 

How to avoid being Plant Blindness

  • By increasing the frequency and variety of ways we see plants. 
  • Everyday interactions with plants – Best strategy 
  • Emphasis more on plant art. 

In India, Human-plant link through religion and medicine. Plants are so intertwined in so many aspects of Indian cultural life. 

Time to connect
with Plants.....

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