GGE Biplot

Why GGE Biplot Analysis

Genotype evaluation to identify genotypes with both high performance and high stability, and test environment evaluation to identify test environments that are both informative (discriminating) and representative. Finally the potential cause of GE should be explored. 

Types of GGE Biplot


Polygon view of GGE biplot indicates the best genotypes in each environment and group of environment.
Polygon is formed by connecting the markers of the genotypes that are furthest away from the biplot origin such that all other genotypes are contained in the polygon. Perpendicular lines to each side of the polygon are drawn from the biplot origin. This divides the biplot into sectors, the winning genotypes for each sector is located on the respective vertex. Genotypes located on the vertices of the polygon performed either the best or the poorest in one or more environment present in the sector.

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