1000 Genome Project

1000 Genome Project

Human Genome Project

It showed the importance  and the presence of genetic difference exists between individuals. 

1000 Genome Project

It measure those genetic difference, thereby helping medical researcher understand the role of genetic variation in health and illness. 

About 1000-Genome Project

It was also called as 1KGP was launched in January, 2008 and completed on 2015 funded by the Wellcome Trust under International Genome Sample Resource. 

Research Institutes involved in this project were China, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, United Kingdom, and United States.


  • Primary Goal – Was to create a complete and detailed catalog of Genetic Variation in Human Population 
  • Secondary Goal –  SNP probes selection for better genotyping of Human Population.

Human Sample – 26 Human sample distributed throughout the world were sequenced

More information

A map of human genome variation from population-scale sequencing Nature 467, 1061–1073 (28 October 2010) 

An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes Nature 491, 56–65 (01 November 2012) 

A global reference for human genetic variation Nature 526, 68–74 (01 October 2015)

An integrated map of structural variation in 2,504 human genomes Nature 526, 75–81 (01 October 2015)

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