Black Geneticists

Black Geneticists

Before going further….. Can you recall and name few Black Geneticists? 

About BIG Organisation

BlackInGenetics (BIG) is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices and work of Black-identifying geneticists across the US and beyond. 

List of Black Geneticists

Herman Branson (1914-1995)

He was an American physicist and chemist. Research work on Alpha helix protein structure. Understanding biochemical roles of protein and deciphering the structure of DNA.  

He was an physician and paediatrician. Pioneer investigator of Sickle cell anaemia and concluded that it is familial inherited and disproportionately impacting individuals of African descent. 

William Warrick Cardozo (1905-1962)
Marie Maynard Daly (1921-2003)

She was a biochemist and first black women to earn PhD in Chemistry. She is famous for her contribution in Protein synthesis and the Chemistry of histones   

He was an American physician and specialist in genetics, pathology and haematology. He discoveries related to favism and G6PD deficiency. He also served on the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Working group for the Human Genome Project.  

James Bowman (1923-2011)
Rick Kittle (1976- )

He was an American biologist specialized in Human genetics. He worked on understanding African ancestry and worked on Prostate cancer. He also raised awareness of health disparities among minority groups.

She was an American biologist and Cancer researcher. Her work was focused on Melanin, Skin damage, and the impact of Chemotherapy drugs on cell division.  

Jewel Plummer Cobb (1924-2017)
Jane C. Wright (1919-2013)

She was a surgeon and cancer researcher. She was one among the first group to report the use of nitrogen-mustard for cancer treatment. And was first to test folic acid antagonists in cancer treatment. 

She is professor of human immunogenetics and explored the role of genetic variation within human MHC genes and antigens and their relationship with disease in African Americans. Founder of National Human Genome Center at Howard (2001) 

Georgia M. Dunston (1944-)
Tracy L Johnson

Prof. of Molecular, Cell and Developmental biology at UC, Los Angeles. She worked on gene regulation, chromatin modification and RNA splicing. 


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