Cornell Study Notes

Study Notes ?

These are the written records made by a student while studying a particular subject. It includes summaries of lectures, observations, and key points from textbooks or other sources. These are often used as a reference when preparing for exams. 

What are Good Study Notes ?

Overall, good notes are not necessarily very detailed or brief –
the main thing to remember is that good notes are
Notes which will be useful to you NOW and FUTURE !!!

Self-Answer these two questions ?

What do you usually do with your notes after writing them?

What would you like to do with your notes in the future?

One among the most powerful tool for taking useful notes. This format allows your brain to work in several different ways and helps with effective learning and retention. 

Cornell Note-Taking System

Cornell Note-Structure


Write the course name, the date, and the lecture or reading topic at the top of your page. Do this consistently, and it will help you keep your notes organized and make reviewing course material much easier.


Take notes in the largest section of the page. While listening to a lecture, or reading a text, take notes only in the right-hand section of the page


Keywords: As soon as possible after the lecture or reading, pull out the main ideas or key facts from the right-hand section. Write very condensed versions in the left-hand column — go for key words or short phrases that communicate the most important information or concepts. Reviewing course material within a day or so of the lecture or reading greatly improves retention.


Summarize the main ideas in the bottom section of the page. This helps to clarify all of the information you have recorded. Putting the gist of the material in your own words is a good way to check your comprehension. If you can summarize the page of notes, it means you are well on your way to understanding the material. You might ask yourself, “How would I explain this information to someone else?”

Do it right in the first place system

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