Research Paper Writing Skills

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Most Good Writing... Once started as Bad Writing... Scripting Research or Academic paper is not as easy as it may sound. This can be more difficult especially for early career researcher as well as non-native English speakers. Being an non-native English people we fail to organize words to represent precisely what we wish to state.  Tips you should follow to START your Research Paper Writing skills Pre-writing Strategy: To develop good…

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Writing Research Paper Manuscript

Research Paper Piece of academic writing that provides analysis, interpretation and argument based on in-depth independent research.  How to START writing research paper START by first Defining the Aim of your Research work and START with structuring your Research Paper in IMRaD Format (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussions)  Introduction - Should answer WHY you have done this research  Material and Method - Should tell HOW you have done your research work  Results - Should say WHAT is…

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Is publishing Popular Article really worthy?

In this Post, you will find the answer, Whether publishing Popular Article is worthy or not. What is Popular Article? Short articles written by scientific community for publication in magazines and newspapers, written to non-scientific audience about new scientific insights and discoveries.  Benefits of Publishing popular article? Benefits you get by publishing Research and Review paper are essentially the same benefit your get in Popular article publication. The major difference…

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