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Women In Genetics (WINGenetics) Genetics is one among the earliest emerging disciplines in 20th century. For a brief sketch of the early history of genetics,  it failed to appreciate the contributions of women who were described as "INVISIBLE TECHNICIAN" by Steven Shapin (Science historian).     List of Women Scientist in Genetics Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958) British Scientist, known for her contribution in discovery of the Double helix structure of DNA image…

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Black Geneticists

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Before going further..... Can you recall and name few Black Geneticists?  About BIG Organisation BlackInGenetics (BIG) is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices and work of Black-identifying geneticists across the US and beyond.  List of Black Geneticists Herman Branson (1914-1995) He was an American physicist and chemist. Research work on Alpha helix protein structure. Understanding biochemical roles of protein and deciphering the structure of DNA.   He was an physician and paediatrician. Pioneer investigator…

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