Research Paper Writing Skills

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Most Good Writing... Once started as Bad Writing... Scripting Research or Academic paper is not as easy as it may sound. This can be more difficult especially for early career researcher as well as non-native English speakers. Being an non-native English people we fail to organize words to represent precisely what we wish to state.  Tips you should follow to START your Research Paper Writing skills Pre-writing Strategy: To develop good…

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Three Sisters: Agriculture Method

Three sister agriculture method is a form of  traditional agriculture followed in North America dated back since 5,000 years. It is an intercropping system where three crops - Maize, Beans and Squash are grown together forming an classic form of mixed cropping.     Growing the Three Sisters "Three sisters" are maize (Zea mays), beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and squash (Cucurbita spp.) seeds are sown together in a single hole. Maize grows first, providing…

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Chinampas – Forgotten Agriculture System

Chinampas Small, stationary, artificial island built on a freshwater lake for agricultural purposes. It is also called as floating garden.  History of Chinampa Aztecs developed the water-saving agricultural system (still used in Mexico City in the Lake Xochimilco region) chinampas by piling mud and decaying plants into small stationary islands on top of which farmers would sow maize, beans, chilies, squash, tomatoes and greens. To stabilize the islands, sturdy reeds (tall,…

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Writing Research Paper Manuscript

Research Paper Piece of academic writing that provides analysis, interpretation and argument based on in-depth independent research.  How to START writing research paper START by first Defining the Aim of your Research work and START with structuring your Research Paper in IMRaD Format (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussions)  Introduction - Should answer WHY you have done this research  Material and Method - Should tell HOW you have done your research work  Results - Should say WHAT is…

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Women In Genetics (WINGenetics) Genetics is one among the earliest emerging disciplines in 20th century. For a brief sketch of the early history of genetics,  it failed to appreciate the contributions of women who were described as "INVISIBLE TECHNICIAN" by Steven Shapin (Science historian).     List of Women Scientist in Genetics Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958) British Scientist, known for her contribution in discovery of the Double helix structure of DNA image…

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Black Geneticists

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Before going further..... Can you recall and name few Black Geneticists?  About BIG Organisation BlackInGenetics (BIG) is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices and work of Black-identifying geneticists across the US and beyond.  List of Black Geneticists Herman Branson (1914-1995) He was an American physicist and chemist. Research work on Alpha helix protein structure. Understanding biochemical roles of protein and deciphering the structure of DNA.   He was an physician and paediatrician. Pioneer investigator…

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Super dads or Surrogate Sires

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Super dads or Surrogate sires' are developed to broadcast desirable traits rapidly among the population of animals.  Drawbacks: Artificial Insemination       Practically artificial insemination in cow with sperm collected from elite bulls, has yielded cows that produces four times more milk. But hard to track down cows at the right stage of their reproductive cycle, in case of pigs it doesn't work well because sperm often die in…

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Omics in Plant Breeding

Brief Introduction....           It is the process that provides a change for plant traits to construct new phenotypes with desired characteristics. Breeding programs are aimed at improving and increasing traits such as quality, flavor, yield, tolerance of abiotic and biotic stresses, and storage period. Plant breeding programs can be divided into two groups: CLASSICAL PLANT BREEDING Plants are selected with desirable characters and elimination of undesirable…

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Different types of QTL analysis

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What is QTL Analysis ? QTL analysis is a statistical method used to links two types of information - Phenotypic data (Trait measurements) and Genotypic data (Molecular marker) in an attempt to explain the genetic basis of variation in complex traits.   Different types of QTL Analysis Epigenetic Regulation  caQTL - Chromatin accessibility QTL  mQTL - DNA methylation QTL  hQTL - Histone modification QTL  Transcriptional Regulation  eQTL - gene expression QTL  sQTL -…

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1000 Genome Project

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Human Genome Project It showed the importance  and the presence of genetic difference exists between individuals.  1000 Genome Project It measure those genetic difference, thereby helping medical researcher understand the role of genetic variation in health and illness.  About 1000-Genome Project It was also called as 1KGP was launched in January, 2008 and completed on 2015 funded by the Wellcome Trust under International Genome Sample Resource.  Research Institutes involved in this project…

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